Long Story Short

OpsAngel isn’t just another consultancy.

Our vision is to be the Nations #1 Operational Support Agency; a one stop shop for expert operational support whatever the size of your business.

Founded in 2012 we help businesses across a wide variety of industries and sectors, to solve their operational problems.

We believe that in every business today there is room for improvement in the way things are done….and an OpsAngel is the first step to realising that improvement.

Our Managing Director Claire Scott has improved the working lives of countless numbers of people through her career using process and system design. Having first been introduced to business process transformation while working at Lambeth County Council, Claire has gone on to develop her operational expertise in both the public and private sectors. Used to leading process improvement and business change across both multidisciplinary and geographically disparate teams, Claire saw a gap in the operational support provided to businesses of all sizes and OpsAngel was born.

All OpsAngels are highly skilled process improvement specialists.

Why we do it

We know you are passionate about what you do.

We are too.

Reason One

Good ideas deserve to be well executed and well delivered. We want to ban the fire-fighting and get you more organised.

Reason Two

Not every business needs an in-house operations team but every business has an operational need

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason Three

All that information in your head? It is valuable IP! Start capturing it and you add immediate value to your business

A Values-Led Approach

OpsAngel is a values driven organisation. We are passionate about Values-Led Operations and always strive to align the way we are working with what we believe.

We understand as a team that organisations and people that share similar values work well together.

Our Philosophy? It’s simple…

We aim to find the cause, not fix the problem

Our Values


We like to get stuck in

As experts in what we do we can probably get something done in half the time you can and so it just doesn’t make sense to us to NOT get hands on. We are never happier than mucking in and leading by example.


We like to have fun and be positive

If your business is a stressful place to be then you are probably feeling pretty unhappy. We are a naturally positive team and we like to use that positivity to help our clients tackle their problems head on, no stress.


We aim to build long lasting relationships

You will always know where you stand with us and the plan we have in mind for your business. Operations touches every corner of a business and so we can’t help but get to know your business really well and feel like one of the team.


We put a high value on empathy and understanding

We understand how business works, and know that change can be challenging. We will always check in with you to see how you are doing and yes, at times we will challenge you and your team, but we will always do so with understanding and care.


We believe in the art of simplicity

Simplifying the way we work is no easy feat but our drive is to find the simplest solution to the problem whenever possible. If your granny can’t understand it, follow it and do it then it is probably still too complicated!

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Work

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If you want to know more

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