A Case Study in making sound business decisions

Our data audit

gets results

created a central data resource

Identified all the data sources in the business and brought these together into a central place where they could be easily interrogated

improved data reporting

Changed the format of the data to allow multiple reporting parameters to be quickly set up and visually seen

identified trends

Quickly discerned clear data trends that translated into new working processes and strategies on the ground including the introduction of a new marketing strategy

changed strategic direction of the business

Was able to make informed business decisions that have completely changed the business strategy and timelines for achieving the short term and long term goals of the business

What our client said

You start at the beginning by stripping down exactly what you do and what you offer; you establish and analyse exactly what the procedures and processes are that allow you to do this. Then the real work starts to help you build and shape your business. It has been a real pleasure to work with someone who makes the effort to understand you, your vision and your business.

Adam Fiske

Business Owner, Mid-Sussex Osteopaths

Our Work

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