….but not as you know it!

Our How


A ‘Why’ is not much good without a ‘how’!

At OpsAngel we have developed our own unique way of working and it is a ‘how’ that we know works whatever size your operational project is. Values-Led Operations is all about putting you and the unique way you do business at the heart of the transformation. And our 3 step delivery does exactly that.

Simple | Logical | Values-driven

Exactly how we want your operations to be when we have finished working with you.

Our Process will work for you…

Our Process

Your Operational Optimisation

Step 1: Discover

Discover your gaps and opportunities

Step 2: Design

Design a better way of working

Step 3: Deliver

Deliver the change you need for success

Wondering how this all works in practice? This is what your project could look like...

Our ToolKit

While logic and common sense is the mainstay of our toolkit we also have a number of other tools up our sleeve that get results.

Drawing on the practices of Lean, Six Sigma, Prince 2 and ISO9001:2015  we deliver operational change that makes sense for you and your team.

Organisation Charts, Workflow Diagrams, RACI models, Business Process Re-engineering, Use Cases, Specifications, Manuals, Workshops and Training Guides – there are just some of the many ways we can help.

There is never just one way of doing things but in your business there is YOUR way of doing things.

Delivering Quality

Quality is important whatever business you are running and quality shouldn’t be limited to a physical product or service. Quality can be applied to everything you do from the text on your website, to your response to clients, to the way you present your business.

The Quality Standard forms the backbone of everything we do.

Our Work

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