Getting to grips with the data in your business.

Use Your Data

At OpsAngel we understand the importance of data when it comes to improving the way you work. Data Audits allow us to take a deeper look into how your business collects data on customers and clients, but also how it collects and processes internal data. This data is generated by the business itself. This can include important information about staff behaviour that can aid retention and increase productivity. It can also include important data around consumables, efficiency, software choices and more. 

The bottom line is that in our experience most SMEs do not collect internal data and if they do, they do not use it to help the business move forward and perform better.

The data will let us know where improvements can and should be made, the effect those improvements will have on your bottom line and, will allow you to measure your progress towards your goals.

Our Business Data Audits can help uncover huge potential in every business; even those that think they are doing it right. The OpsAngel team work with the business, maintaining the daily flow and not interfering, but still generating invaluable information and insights that will yield benefits for years to come.

The new ways of working that we help to implement also produce their own valuable data.

 – Which in turn informs decision making.

 – Which in turn can change strategy.


If you are getting lost in the data, let us help. Contact OpsAngel today and start getting more from your data. 

Our Data Audits

A step in the right direction

If data isn’t your strong point, we can help you


Make Better Decisions

Don’t just rely on intuition and experience alone when making business critical decisions. Be more informed and help the data guide you. Read Adam’s experience here


Be Data Compliant

Avoid costly data compliance breaches by fully understanding what data you have and where it is…and how you should respond to data requests


Win more Business

Win more business and serve your current customers better by quickly identifying trends and proactively pivoting your business to meet new market needs


Improve Your Performance

Improve your team’s performance by presenting and reporting on your data to show progress towards specific goals and objectives


Improve Your Reporting

Be confident that you are measuring and reporting on the right things and reduce the time it takes to generate reports by bringing all your data into one place


Test New Ideas

See the real impact of the decisions you are planning to make by testing different scenarios against the data you have before your final decision is made

If you have a Business you will have Data. Make it work for you.

Your data is valuable

Without fully understanding the data in your business

where it is, what to measure, and what it is telling you

you will struggle to keep your business relevant, to make informed decisions and keep track of how you are doing.

While the world may be focusing on Big Data our experience shows us that most SME business owners are struggling with ‘small’ data – the data that they generate in their own businesses.

You may have heard it said that “data is the new oil”….

We wouldn’t dream of tinkering with the engine without checking the oil first!

While new legislation like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) seeks to protect the data that businesses endlessly gather, concepts like Big Data try to better understand the mountains of data we all create on a daily basis so we can make better decisions as governments, as business owners, and as people.

But there is nothing new about data when it comes to business.

Data informs the way we operate our businesses.

The way we operate our businesses produces data.

It is a cyclic relationship and one that successful businesses understand well.

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