This is your invite to celebrate World Quality Day 2017 #WQD17

Who is celebrating on the 9th November?

World Quality Day was first introduced by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI)Quality is celebrated annually on the second Thursday in November and every year has a theme.

This year’s theme is Celebrating Everyday Leadership. And to support their theme they have published a poster that shows eight examples of everyday leadership. These are the behaviours they think a good quality leader should have;

  • advocating
  • planning
  • thinking
  • coaching
  • collaborating and,
  • motivating.

Leadership and Quality go hand in hand

Quality leadership can exist at any level of an organisation. While we tend to point to leaders at the top of the ladder, anyone who is championing doing things properly is showing everyday leadership. From the administrator who is making sure everyone follows the right processes, to the team member who is making suggestions for improvement, to the manager who talks about quality at their management meetings.

But quality without leadership at the top is difficult to achieve. Where there is no clear vision for what quality means to an organisation, the organisation will struggle to implement a strategy that includes quality at its core. Without a leader advocating putting customers and stakeholders first, an organisation will find it difficult to make the right decisions. And without leadership that promotes planning, potential problems that could have been prevented become a reality. Human nature is to find the path of least resistance. A leadership void will lead to corners being cut. And will store up problems for the future.

Doing things properly matters

There are many definitions for quality. ISO9001 is the most recognised quality standard and the ISO organisation defines quality as the ability of a product or service to satisfy stated or implied needs. In other words, a quality product or service is one that meets the requirements that have been specified by the customer.

But at a very basic level, quality means doing things properly.

Doing things the right way, the first time around is the quickest way to reduce costs, protect your business reputation, and to increase customer satisfaction. And to start your quality journey.

In addition to doing things properly, there also needs to be a drive to work at it. To positively impact an outcome, you need to continually improve the way things are bring done. Which will in turn improve the quality. But when time is pressured, it is very easy to be complacent. And there can be the temptation to leave quality in the hands of your team without providing clear leadership to make sure they stay on track.

Quality has an impact on all of us

There was a time in my life when quality meant getting your undies from Marks and Spencer’s. But if the grumblings of my mother-in-law are anything to go by, M&S undies aren’t what they used to be!   

Undies aside, quality really does affect all of us as individuals, as communities and as societies.

We may experience poor quality first hand – the customer service that didn’t match expectation, the product that fell apart within hours of coming out of the box, the app that crashed our phone every time we tried to open it. But quality can have an impact at a much wider level; poor quality decision making and services affects whole communities, and when things don’t work properly societies can feel the strain.

When businesses make the headlines for all the wrong reasons (think Uber, Bell Pottinger, and Ryanair), there is focus on the immediate impact. But the ripple effect can be felt much wider, and for much longer. The employee who is unhappy at work because of the poor working culture. The customer who can’t get from A to B because a service has failed. The person who has lost their job because a company’s reputation, and bottom line, has been hit. The council who can’t provide essential services because money has been wasted.

Quality has an impact on all of us.

So, how will you be celebrating World Quality Day?

In the OpsAngel office celebrations usually include coffee and cake and our World Quality Day celebrations will be no different. It is an opportunity for us to talk about quality, both with our team and with our customers. And to celebrate all the little things we have done in the past 12 months that have shown our commitment to quality.

Is there someone in your company who has been championing quality?

Has your team done something that has improved customer satisfaction?

This is your opportunity to shout it from the rooftops and show your everyday leadership.

Too late to plan the celebration? Don’t worry. The next World Quality Day is on the 8th November 2018. Put it in your diary and you can celebrate with style next year! You can even download the CQI’s World Quality Day Toolkit to help you plan