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As a business grows, rather than getting easier, it can also feel like it is also growing its problems at the same rate of growth. Some would say that is a nice problem to have but at OpsAngel we would say, that doesn’t have to be your story.


If you are here you probably want to experience less of the firefighting and challenges that come with scaling a business, and more of the energy that comes from empowered teams, great workflows and teams focused on the right things that drive value.

We work across all sizes of businesses, and multiple industries to help make this happen. 

Are you ready for an OpsAngel to help you re-write your business story and give your operations wings?

Why you need This

The gift of peace of mind!

A Fresh pair of eyes on a problem

Sometimes all you need is a different perspective to find a better solution and get the ball rolling. Bouncing an idea off someone helps you test the narrative and get clarity on next steps

upleveling your business

It is well known that if you do things the same way, you get the same results. Taking your business to the next level requires different capabilities, expertise and processes. 

Still not convinced? Then there is always this one:

Expertise without the overhead

Getting the help you need and feeling supported shouldn’t cost the earth. Whether it is long term support or a short term outcome I am flexible. It really is all gain with little pain.

MY Work

I have worked with founders, CEOs and investors across all sorts of industries to deliver the changes they needed to grow and scale. Less headaches, more outcomes. I can help with aligning teams, driving growth, business transformation and operational strategy.

If you like what I do and want to know more

What it’s like working with OPSANGEL

Proven impact across multiple industries

It has been a pleasure working with you and OpsAngel. Oysta is in an extremely lucky and privileged position to have been chosen by Telefonica O2 to be one of the exclusive suppliers within their HelpatHand proposition. This is one of their key propositions for the next 12 months +. Working with a major global player has meant a great deal of work was required to be done to a high standard and delivered on time to ensure Oysta passed many specific supplier criteria.

You have not only delivered on time, and to a high standard, but you have taken away a great deal of pain from Oysta and become part of our extended team. It has been a pleasure to work with you, you have given us complete confidence and allowed Oysta to manage its day to day business while you managed the Quality Planning and Corporate Responsibility Policy planning with O2 and our Chinese suppliers, which I know is sometimes not the easiest.

This project with Telefonica O2 could be a business change for Oysta, and I had absolutely no problem in leaving you to deal directly with Telefonica O2 as I had absolute faith and confidence in your ability’s. You proved me right by delivering above expectation.

I have had nothing but positive feedback from my team, but more importantly from my customer O2. You have left Oysta is a far better place, so much so I would like to ensure we use your services on a monthly basis moving forward.

MARIO ZUCCARRO | Oysta Technology

Founder and CEO

“ Throughout our entire project, Claire made the whole process structured and straightforward. Her clear, process-driven approach meant we all felt ‘safe’ in her hands – no surprises, excellent communications skills and sensitive engagement with more junior team members ensured buy-in all through the project. What we particularly valued was Claire’s understanding that our day-to-day working lives had to continue at this time of change, so her actionable recommendations were all given reasonable timeframes and clear deliverables.

In summary, Claire’s ability to effect change in a way that feels logical, sensible and actionable is outstanding. I would recommend Claire without hesitation and would certainly work with her again. If your business needs to become more efficient and effective; you know you’ve got to change but are not quite sure what that change path should be, then Claire is the right person for you.

HELEN BLAKE | Futurecurve


“ Claire worked with us at the point we were evaluating internal processes and needed a business growth strategy.

When you first meet Claire it becomes apparent very quickly that she has a natural insight, an understanding of how your business is doing now and how it can be significantly improved that is head and shoulders above the oft-seen, run-of-the-mill business-manual approach.

For us, Claire’s observations and guidance on procedures, best practice, project management and delivery processes helped us develop a core strategy that transformed the business with immediate results.

So, if strategic growth is your intention and your pride won’t get in the way of hearing some home truths (Claire takes no prisoners) then change is on its way and you’ll need someone highly experienced in business operations and process implementation to guide you through the challenges and over the obstacles to achieve your business and personal goals.

Claire is absolutely that person and I would not hesitate to recommend her. ”

CLIVE WILSON | The Marketing Alliance


“ Working with OpsAngel helped us to realise our full potential with the business and showed us how much smoother our operation would run with clearly defined goals and outcomes, fully written and distributed policies and procedures to our staff and most importantly how to remove ourselves from working within the business to working on the business ”

CHRIS PATCH | Switch Gym


“ Claire is extremely professional, highly efficient and has the most attention to detail of anyone I have come across in my professional career. She is personal, engaging and is one person who you can turn to with confidence when something needs to be done properly.

I highly recommend Claire. She is a valuable addition to any team. 

DAPHNE LOUKAS | Out There Media


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